Electric airless sprayer small

The ATOMEX GM-20E Airless Sprayer is suitable for domestic spray painting of acrylic water based paints and water based enamels.

Adjustable pressure control 0-3000ps

What is an airless sprayer?

Airless sprayers in basic terms are just simple pumps designed to draw paint from a container and spray paint under pressure through a small orifice know as an airless spray tip. Over spray is limited because no air is introduced at the tip like with conventional air spray guns, the effect is 100% fluid transfer onto the surface being sprayed.

Max Tip Size 0.20″ (1 Gun Only)
Max Flow 1.91 litres per minute
Max Pressure 3000 psi
Motor Size 1.2hp Brushless AC
Power Requirement 240 Volt
Weight 19.5 kgs