Brick-&-Tile-Bricksaw 1700W 405mm (16″)

Electric Brick Saw –
Exclusive water button Control:
Less mess and no waste. With the saw running you simply line up your mark on the brick, press the button and cut. The button also locks down to leave both hands free when using the foot pedal.

Mobile Stand:Lift and move as required. Allows one person to load and unload the saw and move around the site.

Blade Position
BT Saws eliminate the annoying and dangerous problem of not having full view of your work while cutting. The bearing housing and drive belt cover are on the right hand side of the blade allowing a clear, unrestricted view of the cutting and work area.


  • Depth of Cut – 16″145mm
  • Length of Cut – 16″510mm
  • Dimensions (LxWxH) weight 1100mm x 660mm x 1350mm 85kg Carriage: length Width 310mm 440mm