Duct Lifters & Material Lifters

A Compact Lifter, with a strong mast and  cabling system. Designed for use with heavy materials such as steel beams and contnuous work.

The shorter mast sections allow the unit to travel through doorways without tripping, and fit into vehicles with a smaller storage capacity.

Features of the Material Lift
•Sumner-built winch which is highly reliable
•Inside-Mast Cable Feed for worker safety
•Idler roller feeds four rollers, and feeds cable evenly onto the drum and avoids flats
•Cable Stay Brake – Each mast and carriage can have a factory installed, gravity actuated safety brake,
to hold loads in place in the event the cable should go slack.
•Pulley Guards to prevent cable coming off
•Loading Bar – good for overhead cranes
•Reversible Forks can be repositioned to give added height or to become flush with the ceiling –
Simply pull plunger pins
•Lockable 5″ Castors – Hard tread, urethane, with Delrin bearings
•10″ Rough Terrain Wheels for hassle free loading onto truck or van
•Fast Action Stabiliser Legs mounted on base top. Simply fold down and lock in place. Optional on 2010, 2015
•Galvanised steel finish



Raised Maximum Height  4.3m

Max. Height Forks Reversed 5.6 m

Max. Lifting Capacity 360 kgs


Raised Maximum Height  2.9m

Max. Height Forks Reversed 3.6 m

Max. Lifting Capacity 455 kgs