Meteor 250 Diamond Grinding 250mm 10″

The Meteor 250mm MkII Diamond Grinder is the latest
development of our single disc floor grinding machine.
A lot of contractors don’t always need the largest machine
possible but need an aggressive and compact machine for small
Floorex has solved this with the Meteor 250 MkII. This little
beauty is compact and easy to store, and loads into a Ute
or van easily. It has no belts and pulleys, so all the power is
available at the 250mm (10”) disc.
Get within 20mm of walls with the close fitting shroud or within
2mm with optional , edger version, Model No. MET-250MkII-E
To make it even more attractive, the axle height is easily
adjusted to give minimal drag for operator ease of use. The
dust collection hose is controlled by a carrier loop which also
doubles as a lifting eye.
Excellent for small areas on both commercial and domestic
projects, glue removal and levelling high spots. Meteor 250
can also use 7” or 10” PCD Diamond discs for glue & coating
removal and polishing pads for producing polished concrete.